Dan's Personal Info Page
Picture of DannyHi There!

Born: 1987

Occupation: Game Stop, US Marine Reserves

Non-school activities: Boy Scouts, Little League Baseball, Track

Favorite TV channels: History Channel, Comedy Central

Favorite Computer Activities: Web Surfing, AIM

Favorite Movies: Star Wars Series, Star Trek Series , Top Gun, Men in Black, Monty Python

Hobbies: Video Games, Model Building, Fishing, Golf, Camping, 

Achievments: ATA; Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award,
                    Boy Scout Star rank

My poems

Danny with Science Fair Project and Trophy
Winner of Principal's Award in 5th grade Science Fair

Danny Tubing on Kezar Lake in Maine
 Me, Tubing on Kezar Lake in Maine

Camping at Appletree Bay in Vermont
Camping at Appletree Bay on Lake Champlain in Vermont

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Updated November 18, 2004