Gary 's Ham Radio Shack 

Callsign : WA1GRC

My QSL Card My QSL card

My Shack Picture of my ham shack

Station Info:


VHF:  Packet Radio: Specialties : SSTV, UHF/Microwave, Satellites

Other Related Interests :

ATV, Designing and building new equipment, GPS, Standard time and frequency

Ham Equipment I have for Sale

Nothing at the moment - Sorry.

If you are interested in buying this equipment email me to negotiate price and delivery etc.

How Does Radio Work?

Once, Albert Einstein was asked to explain how radio works to a group of people. This is how he chose to do it:

"First let me start with the telegraph, which is like a long cat with its tail in San Francisco and its head in New York. When you pull the tail in San Francisco the mouth meows in New York. Radio is the same except there's no cat."

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Updated: December 2, 2007